Nike Golf Shoes

Tips for Choosing The Best Nike Golf Shoes

Having a good pair of Nike golf shoes can make a difference in your game. A good Nike golf shoe is like a referee. It determines whether or not you will enjoy your game and play to the best of your ability. It should fit snugly, keeping both of your feet warm and dry. They should not scratch around the heel or make your feet ache even in tough terrain.

When it comes to selecting a pair of Nike golf shoes, there are three main styles. These are: traditional, spikeless and athletic. Traditional shoes are made from leather. They are durable and waterproof, however they may lack “breathability”. Athletic shoes, with or without spikes, are extremely flexible but they are not durable as compared to their leather counterpart.

Soft spikes shoes will provide you with more grip when playing, particular on wet or rough terrain. Some golfers prefer spikeless shoes due to their flexible soles and lightweight construction. However, due to improvement in sole technology, spikeless Nike golf shoes used in dry conditions can provide same stability and traction as their soft spike counterparts. So you can make your decision on which shoes to buy basing on the conditions of your playing field.

No matter how great your shoes look, if they don’t fit properly, you will be unhappy golfer! When trying on them, it is significant that they are not too loose or too tight. Your foot should not slip around and your heel need not to experience much lift. Loose shoes gives room for feet to swivel, causing instability when taking swing. Here is a quick guideline to help you choose the best shoes:

· Measure your feet. If they have different measurements, then choose the one that fits your larger foot.

· When looking for new shoes, put on the kind of socks you be wearing with your golf shoes.

· Test your Nike golf shoes by standing on one your foot at a time. Stand on tiptoes and wiggle the toes. They should curve at the same points where your feet bends.

· They should not fit tighter in the middle part of the feet like the normal shoes .This region provide the most needed support when swinging.

· You need to have 1 inch of space from tip of your shoes and your big toe

When it comes to colour, some golfer are choosy. There are several pretty looking color you can select from. However, the socially accepted colors on the golf course are neutral tones.

The price of Nike golf shoes ranges from £40 to £250 plus. You can also find great discount from some retailers. However, you need to keen before buying a new pair of shoes; just because a shoe is more costly doesn’t mean it is the best for you.

Whether you are a novice or pro, your golf shoes should offer stability and comfort, so as you can enjoy your game and play to the best of your fitness. You can visit online Nike Golf Shoes store to shop for golf shoes and other accessories.