Puma Golf Shoes

What Puma Golf Shoes Are The Best?

Puma Golf Shoe Company is undoubtedly one of the most accomplished makers of golf shoes that are of high quality in the world. Even with some of the company’s competitors such as Adidas marking their territory in the shoe industry, Puma has proved to be a notch higher when it comes to the production with both high performance as well as quality. Though there are not many types of Puma Golf shoes, the ones present in the market have received excellent reviews from both casual as well as professional golfers all over the globe.

The most ‘loved’ type of shoe from Puma Golf Shoe, and one which consumers refer to as the best product from Puma yet, is the Biofusion shoe. This shoe combines so many features to create the final product which is by far, a favorite of so many golfers, both young and experienced. The Biofusion Golf shoe is mostly preferred by those who also consider the Puma Monolite Golf Shoe (spike less), but want a shoe with spikes for more stability, or just to suit their own taste. The Biofusion Golf shoe is priced at $166.99. This shoe is light in weight, very flexible to aid the golfer’s movement. The shoe is quite supportive and is also very stable especially since contact with the ground is fully promoted with this shoe.

The power frame of this shoe is thin, comes with fusion foam and to add onto the comfort, the shoe has textile lining. The performance of this shoe is very high and holds your foot in position throughout. The Biofusion Golf Shoe has spikes that enhance traction and firm grip; moreover, the spikes are replaceable in case of damage. The outsole of this shoe has grooves that promote flexibility naturally, this is an added advantage. Puma ensures that when it comes to the Biofusion golf Shoe, the most durable materials are used, thereby, making them last for up to two years undamaged. The materials used to craft this shoe also make it waterproof. This type of Puma Golf Shoe is available for both Men and Women.

The Biofusion Golf Shoe definitely does not suit everyone’s preference, which is why Puma created a shoe that ultimately ensures attractiveness meets performance; this shoe is known as the Puma Monolite Golf Shoe (spike less).The shoe is priced at $99.99. All materials associated with the Monolite Shoe are premium; still, the shoe is light in weight. The lack of spikes enhances its good looks and versatility. The Monolite Golf Shoe comes with suede lining on the inner part and a soft feel that promotes comfort.

Support is taken in high esteem by those who prefer this shoe, not forgetting the enhanced traction and firm grip that add onto the stability of this shoe. Since the shoe has no spikes, a carbon rubber ensures the firm grip .There is no doubt that this is a classy shoe, and to prove that, multiple laces have been added to aid in customizing styles, how amazing! The shoe also comes in leather quality; it is also waterproof and durable since it can last up to one year.

Other types of shoes from Puma include the Faas Lite Golf Shoes, Faas Lite Mesh and the Ferrari Zero Limits. In essence, all Puma Golf Shoes aim at quality and in essence that means being lightweight, stylish in design, comfort at its peak and durability.